Here we go: the what, the when, and the why.

Giving it a go
giving it a go

So here I go. 

This is my first proper post. The big one. The scary one.

For those who don’t know me, I have just returned from the typical post university trip of Australia. While I continued to tell myself I would not be one to document my trip like this. Well… here I am, documenting my experience. So, as I have gone back on my word, I might as well make the most of it now. Within this piece, I am going to give you the what, the when, and the why.

The what:

After my time at university and the longest 7 months of working in retail, I decided to head out to Australia to experience all it had to offer and to be honest have biggest laugh possible. It is safe to say I stuck to those promises for sure. 

When the moment came to leave, the prospect of travelling alone, coupled with a tortuous 23 hour flight did cause me to wonder why I was doing this. But with everything that followed any doubts I held were soon dispelled.  

So, the trip: It was an 8 week journey up the east coast, starting in Sydney and finishing in Cairns; stopping off at every major and minor place you could think of, partaking in every activity you can think of and meeting every sort of person, you could think of. But more of that to come. 

The When: 

After graduating from university, without a break from education since I started primary school, it was safe to say I needed a break before I grew up. With the prospect of having a year-or-so to do what I want, I jumped at the idea of travelling ‘Down Under’, with the aim to go as soon as possible. However… this was not the case. With the realisation of the cost and how much I was going to need, I had to put myself through a long 7 months working at a well known high street name.  

After getting bored of asking ‘do you have a loyalty card?’, and finally having somewhere near enough money to survive, I packed up shop (if you pardon the pun) and headed out to Aus at the end of January for 2 months. Finally being able to move on from that stepping stone, lifted a large weight off my shoulders.

The why: 

This is the big question… It was needless to say I had been wanting to head to Australia for a considerable amount of time, constantly planning and dreaming of where I wanted to go instead of working… I’m not sure why I wanted to go to Australia so bad, but the attraction to go was far too big to ignore. 

When I graduated university in July 2018 I was sort of at a loose end with what I wanted to do; I could have immediately pursued a professional career, apply to postgraduate education, or I could have a year to myself. With going straight through from primary school to university, and seeing how much fun friends have had on a year out, I decided to pursue the latter option, and I’m extremely for it.

While, the majority of travellers you meet have clearly come to ‘try and find themselves’, even though they deny it to themselves on a daily basis. I purely wanted to head to Australia to have a laugh, do some pretty cool things, and meet some pretty cool people… with a mixture of working out what I want to do once I got back. 

So here I am, a week after getting back writing to you on a grim Sunday evening about my trip, something I thought I would never do. Look, I hope this piece hasn’t been a complete waste of time and you have sort of enjoyed it, and my sudden creative brain wave hasn’t gone to waste and you may decide to read my following pieces wherever you are. 

Cheers for reading. Until the next time 


Just a heads up: There isn’t going to be any real structure about when I bring out the next one, my aim is to try and bring one out once a week until I get bored or more likely run out of content. So please look out for follow ups from this. 

My Take on Travelling

Hey Guys, how’s it going.

First of all, I would like to welcome you all.

 Simply this forum is going to highlight the good, the bad, and the damn right weird experiences I have had along the way on my travels. Whereas, other travel blogs focus on mainly the aesthetics of travelling, the aim of this blog is to explore the lesser talked about experiences and social interactions that occur along the way. From the conversations made on the plane with the person sitting next to you, to the many drunk walks back to the hostels, and the awkward eye contact made in the showers. This blog aims first of all not to take itself to seriously, provide some entertainment, but most importantly enter in wider, less covered travel conversation. 

So if you can put up with horrific attempts at humour, short diversions away from the topic to exaggerate a point. Well then I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you enjoy this blog. Let us see where it takes us.

Cya in a bit.